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Navitrans is a world-class air charter service provider with over 10 years in the industry, giving us the expertise to arrange flights on any type of aircraft, for any journey, in every country in the world.

Building Trust and Confidence over the years
With 10 years of experience and more than 100 highly trained and committed professionals, Navitrans offers an umbrella of personalized Air Cargo Charter Services to ensure Safety, Reliability, Efficiency and Quality in all of the flights of our discerning customers.

Long Term Customer Relationship
Navitrans handles over 500 flight operations per year and it is proud to have more than hundreds worldwide companies as satisfied customers who have experienced our commitment to excellence. We encourage and protect long term relationships and loyalty.

Worldwide Networks take our service offerings anywhere!
With Cargo Charter offices based in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Frankfurt, New York, Moscow, and Hong Kong, you can be assured that we will find the perfect aircraft available to you worldwide.
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Flight Schedule
RoutingDayFlight No.A/C PayloadsETDETA
HHN-GYDD15Y-515B747-8F 130T18:1523:00
ORD-JFKD15Y-514B747-8F 130T3:105:35
JFK-HHND15Y-515B747-8F 130T8:3015:45
GYD-CGOD25Y-515B747-8F 130T7:0014:05
CGO-PVGD25Y-516B747-8F 130T16:4018:20
PVG-GYDD25Y-516B747-8F 130T21:207:00
GYD-CGOD35Y-513B747-8F 130T23:456:50
GYD-HHND35Y-516B747-8F 130T9:0014:50
HHN-GYDD35Y-513B747-8F 130T17:0021:45
ANC-ORDD45Y-514B747-8F 130T19:301:10
CGO-ANCD45Y-513B747-8F 130T9:2018:00
ORD-JFKD55Y-514B747-8F 130T3:105:35
JFK-HHND65Y-517B747-8F 130T6:4514:00
HHN-GYDD65Y-513B747-8F 130T17:0021:45
GYD-CGOD65Y-513B747-8F 130T23:456:50
CGO-ANCD75Y-513B747-8F 130T9:2018:00
ANC-ORDD75Y-514B747-8F 130T19:301:10
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